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      Meeting Dates

January      8       Surf Room
STANHOPEAS by Laurie Skov

February    19     Surf Room
Jane Malin: Growing the Different Types of Dendrobiums

   March     19     Surf Room
Anita Aldrich: Those mysterious orchid judges, with a mock judging session.

April        Picnic TBA

May   14     Surf Room
Marvin Gerber: It takes more than 20-20-20,

June   18     Alamo Room
Brenda Prestegard & Joyce McMillan: Demonstrating Exhibit Design, using the plants at the meeting

July   16     Alamo Room

August  20     Surf Room

September  17     Surf Room

October     15     Surf Room

November  12     Surf Room

December 17     Surf Room 





        DECEMBER 17 CHRISTMAS PARTY                                    


Dendrobium Moschatum

C. Violacea