Alicia Keys Travels to Connect With the Women in Her Life

The Grammy-nominated artist just released an Athleta collection.
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Alicia Keys is no stranger to travel—as a performing musician, her work has taken her around the world. But when she’s making travel plans of her own, it’s all about people and connecting with her inner circle. “We travel to be with our loved ones,” she says.  

This feels more important than ever amidst a busy season for Keys. With the recent release of her holiday album Santa Baby and a just-launched holiday collection with Athleta—a selection of activewear that speaks to her dual love of getting outdoors and cozying up inside—she’s making a point to slow down and embrace the season. We caught up with Keys during a moment of downtime to talk about her upcoming travel plans, her favorite winter activities, and how travel helps her better connect with the women in her life. 

Alicia Keys travels to connect with loves ones. 

Courtesy Athleta

When you aren’t on the road touring, how does travel bring you closer to the women in your life?

The women in my life are my community, my support system, and they inspire me in so many ways.  I realize more than ever how important time with your sisters is. So we travel to connect and see each other. I’m always in awe of how we all support each other and show up for one another. It inspires me to be there and to deepen our relationship. 

What is the best girls’ trip you’ve ever taken?

My friends and I have a tradition of getting together and treating ourselves to a new experience or a self-care moment. We each take turns planning what we are going to do and it’s so fun to spoil yourself. We have done everything from spa experiences to aerial yoga hanging from silks. We’ve done Bollywood dancing and apple picking. There’s no limit. The goal is to get everyone in one place so we travel to make that happen—it's less about the destination and more about being together.

What’s your ultimate indulgence when you travel?

Time! As a mom, as a businesswoman, as a person who is out and about getting it done—time is the greatest luxury and indulgence. We all deserve, and should be proud of giving ourselves permission to take time for yourself and to enjoy your circle.

How has your relationship with the outdoors grown over the years?

Growing up in New York City it was all about the concrete jungle. Maybe Mount Morris Park in Harlem provided a little green or Central Park. But as I started to seek out the joy of exploring the outdoors, I started to realize more and more how imperative it is to connect with nature. It feeds your soul.

How do you like to spend time in the outdoors these days?

I love going to the beach. I love hikes. I love working out outside, taking a run through a path. I love bike riding with the family. It’s one of my favorite ways to see a city. Winter, it’s a little cold, but we do love skiing and boarding.

What are your holiday travel plans this year? Do you have any special traditions you’re upholding?

The holidays are about memories and being with the people that love you—that’s the tradition that is most important to me. We’re hoping not to travel because I think the holidays are also about stillness and taking time to have the peace of the season. 

Speaking of that Athleta collection, how does it speak to your travel style?

It’s so important as a woman to be able to feel great about how you look no matter what you are doing and I am so proud that there are pieces for everyone. Everything was created to make you feel special and give you a range of styles—for all sizes.

Being proud of luxuriating yourself is a permission that I’d like to give women and that impacted how every piece came to life. I was involved in the testing process to ensure that the collection’s fabrication and fit provides modern, polished comfort and support, and had final sign off on the finished product.

The Grammy-nominated singer says spending time in nature “feeds your soul.”

Courtesy Athleta

What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?

I love the tunic. How gorgeous is it? Perfect for travel.  I also love the jumpsuits, the colors are great for the holidays, and you can dress them up or down. I love the deep orange knit pants, and body suit. And the jackets are great too. This collection feels so good when you try on the pieces—it’s hard to choose.

Keys Free to Roam tunic

Keys Goddess bodysuit

Keys Inner Strength bodysuit

Keys Intention pants

Keys Golden Aura Puffer