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Paris Travel Guide

This perennial champ, having had its thunder taken by cities like London and Tokyo, now is back with a vengeance with a crop of pilgrimage-worthy restaurants, top-to-bottom overhauls of the world's most iconic hotels, and the elevation of the concept store. And you still can't turn a corner without running into a Rodin. 

Plan Your Paris Trip

The 25 Most Beautiful Places in Paris
Welcome to the runway model of cities.
10 Best Things to Do in Paris (And What Not to Do)
Without some insider intel, it can be easy to make a misstep.


Paris’s Champs-Élysées Is Undergoing Massive Changes
The famed promenade is regularly choked with traffic, but a newly announced project plans to make it more pedestrian-friendly.
This Candle Will Make Your Apartment Smell Like Paris
Like all great scents, it transports you someplace far away.
Paris’ Latest Transportation Changes Make It Easier to Get Around
New options from the Metro and Uber are giving you more ways to explore the City of Light. 
How Mayor Anne Hidalgo Plans to Reinvent Paris
As she enters her second term, Mayor Anne Hidalgo envisions a far greener Paris.

More from Paris

Air Travel
JetBlue Is Bringing Cheap Flights to Paris
The City of Light will be the airline’s second transatlantic destination.
Train Journeys
A Peek Inside the New Orient Express Train Reveals It’s More Glamorous Than Ever
The refurbished train has sumptuous interiors with modern flair, plus perks like round suites and Champagne call buttons.
Food & Drink
Thanks to Paris’ Urban Farms, the City’s Best Restaurants Are Serving Hyper-Local Produce
Diners tucking into herbs and vegetables grown within city limits are making “parking lot to plate” more than just a passing trend.
Train Journeys
The Orient Express Is Resuming Its Legendary Journeys From Paris—and It’s More Glamorous Than Ever
The iconic train is coming back to life in 2024, replete with Art Deco details and opulent suites.